The “Blond in the belly of the beast” is an enemy of men

Update 9 March 2019: “the blond in the belly of the beast” has removed her video entitled “overcoming unattractive beta qualities” from her Youtube channel that I used as a proof that she had no good intentions towards men. Now, there is no proof about it. I leave this article in place because I think it is important to document such behavior.

Let me give you my opinion about the “blond in the belly of the beast,” the Seattle based YouTuber. She is a false ally of men. On the one hand, she pretends she is on men side and against feminism, on the other hand, she bashes men. In the video entitled “overcoming unattractive beta qualities,” she talks in the name of the whole female population. She wants to share the undeniable truth about how you should behave like a man in a relationship. She uses two manipulation techniques that I explain in my book “how toxic women manipulate men (available on amazon)”: “Power of persuasion” and male bashing.

Beta male is a code name for loser

In the video, the youtuber categorizes most men as beta males, which can be translated to “losers” according to those who use the term. However, the concept of alpha and beta males has no scientific basis. In reality, this mindset is a form of male bashing, with women considering beta males as not being “real men.” The blonde youtuber is no different, as she judges men simply for being men.

Interestingly, the concept of a “beta female” is not commonly used or heard of.

According to the youtuber, a beta male is a man who shows concern and asks for consent, which she views as a negative trait. This mindset is problematic and contradictory, as she expects respect while being attracted to disrespectful behavior.

The blonde youtuber’s behavior can be described as psycho and castrating, as she attacks men’s masculinity. However, the real issue in the USA is not men refusing to have sex with women, but rather women rejecting men. By blaming men, the youtuber is shifting the blame and refusing to acknowledge her own rejection of men.

If women in the past had rejected men like the blonde youtuber, humanity would not have survived due to child mortality. Therefore, such behavior is not natural.

If you encounter a woman like the blonde youtuber, it’s best to stop interacting with her as she is toxic.

If you listen to this woman who encourage you to act like a wild animal and think it is the way to go, you’ll think that you can objectify her and kiss her without asking her. Then, you may end up being sued for rape or sexual harassment. That’s what happens to the pickup artist Jason Berlin. He got an 8-year prison sentence. Behaving like a wild animal will lead you to prison.

Here is what I have to say:

The more men are encouraged to react on impulse and the more they are mind-controlled by female predators

According to the claims in the video, she blames the psychology of men. However, she also shares that she is unable to find someone. In other words, she used youtube to express her psychological trauma.

When a woman judges you, ask yourself, who is she to judge you?