About ThePracticalMen

I am Sebastian Delorme, I am the founder of ThePractical.men.

On the internet, several men’s movements co-exist: Red Pill, Mgtow, incels.

I thought that rather than trying to build concepts it would be better to have a practical approach to dating, relationship, marriage, divorce, fatherhood and retirement from a male point of view. With the help of observations, statistics, medical papers, I have been able to see that it was possible to advise men about their heterosexual life.

I have created ThePracticalMen as I wanted to split up from several trends of the manosphere that I have found harmful to men (neo masculinism, neo machos, PUA and neo-traditionalists). This is not a website against women. The goal of this website is to give relationship advice and MGTOW advice.

In context:

  • Rejecting traditionalism (Like the one of Gavin McInnes)
  • Rejecting ideas that consider male sexuality as being the root cause of men’s problems. Porn is good . I disagree with the anti-porn and anti-male sexuality ideas of MGTOW is freedom, Sandman and Angry MGTOW.
  • Rejecting neo-machismo and neo-masculinity (like the one from Roosh V and returnofkings.com). They encourage competition between men and make men believe that they are the root cause of the problems.
  • Fight for gender equality meaning that lobby for men to have the same rights than women: (prevent forced fatherhood, prevent double standards of justice).
  • Stop chivalry and galanterie.

My ideas:

  • Don’t feel guilty about your sexuality. Masturbation, porn, and sexual desire are good.
  • Don’t reject heterosexuality and relationships with women as long as you understand that this is a sexual relationship only.
  • Acknowledge that men are human beings with emotions
  • Men take care of children as women do.
  • Protect and preserve your own sovereignty
  • Think about your own interest in a heterosexual relationship
  • Preserve your assets and your health in a heterosexual relationship
  • Don’t hand over your sentimental life to a woman
  • Plan and shape your heterosexual relationship with a woman
  • Embed those rules into your mind to follow them all your life anytime
  • If you have a daughter, educate her to respect men and be independent of men
  • No one should marry in the future. A man could live with a woman and have children without getting married.
  • Contact your local politician when you find a discrimination against men.

About women

This would be to easy to say that every single woman is bad by nature. I also strongly disagree when MGTOW men complain that women have many sex partners. This is their freedom. If you want freedom for yourself, you must accept that women are free too.

I think that men neglect women who are respectful to men. Men neglect hard working and financially independent women who don’t impose their views on men.

For the future

If we, MGTOW men have no children, their ideology has no future. This is important to teach daughters to be financially independent of men, to solve their problems on their own and make part of the heavy chores. Also, you should prevent your daughter to be influenced by the movies, the TV shows. the feminists and the Youtube videos. MGTOW fathers should teach their sons to be aware of female predators techniques and never be white knights.