When a woman I met on Match.com accused me of assault.

A long time ago, I met an Italian woman on match.com while I was living in Madrid, Spain. I met this woman several times. Then, I took the train to meet her in Valencia. We spent the day together, flirting all day long. I invited her to a restaurant and to a lounge bar. Later, she followed me to my hotel room. We kissed again, but at some point, she froze and said it was going too fast. She left in the blink of an eye. The next day, she pretended that I had assaulted her.

The full story is in the YouTube video below.

The Man shaming Gillette Advertisement

Here is the famous the famous Gilette advertisement which implies that there is such a thing as male toxicity.

The American company Gillette, that sells men personal cares, has decided to adopt all the feminist concepts.

On the 14th of January 2019, Gillette posted a video entitled “We believe: the best a man can be” on youtube.

We checked in 2024 and it seems like Gillette withdrew the ad from its Youtube channel. We haven’t been able to find it again. We posted a link to the video below.

The said Gillette ad implies that only men are responsible for bullying people. This video is conspiracy-minded because it gives the impression that negative actions of certain men are part of a culture. It implies that women are victims of men. Therefore, this is a Manichean video that indiscriminately accuses all men and implies that all women are victims. This is false, as women can also be toxic and men can be victims of other men.

In the beginning of the video, we can hear “toxic masculinity”, which is a controversial feminist concept. Some feminists pretend the negative impact of some men in the society is cultural. However, there are so many good men all over the world.

I think of the firefighters who save lives. I think of the plumbers who save apartments. I think of the men who take care of road maintenance. I think of the men who repair roofs in the middle of winter. I think of the men who extract oil on offshore platforms. I think of the men who clean the sewers. I think of the men who collect our garbage. These men are the invisible ones and these big brands never talk about them.

I remember that people of the generation of my grand parents were wiser.

I think about people who lived in the 50ties. I remember they didn’t want to judge men too fast because they knew how complicated relationships were. We can’t judge a situation when we know a small part of it.

Then, a sequence refers to the act of bullying children. I remember seeing a young boy followed by aggressive school boys and young boy seeking warmth in his mom arms. I think this part is a stereotype. It implies that only boys can be bulliers. However, there are many girls who bully too. The mom who reinsures her child that everything is fine is a manipulative situation too. They didn’t show the father. They wanted to show that women look after their children. It is a manipulation technique.

I can talk about it, I was bullied and my mother didn’t support me. She didn’t hugged me. She didn’t help me to overcome this situation.

Gillette implies that every single man is a bullier, rapist, an abuser, an attacker.

I think that these propagandists want us to think that women are angels and men, the problem in our society. For sure, Gillette does not talk about false rape accusations, false domestic abuse accusations.

Gillette does not defend men who are falsely accused of rape or domestic violence. Gillette implies that men are always guilty and women, always victims.

Gillette does not care about the fact that men are the first to commit suicide.

They decided to sermonize their customers and encourage them to submit to the feminist power.

Gillette made a stand in favor of the feminist ideas. Ok. It is time to look for Gillette alternatives.

Another youtube channel uploaded the Gillette ad: