Those women who treat men like a jester

We discovered a group of women who behaved like queens, treating men as if they were jesters.

Case Study:

I once attended a neighborhood reunion where a woman asked her husband to bring his guitar and play for the gathering. Her request came across more as a formal command, and I observed the husband comply without hesitation.

Five minutes into his performance, in front of the predominantly female audience, some women began making requests. “Play this!” “Play that!” Each woman had vastly different musical tastes, and the guitarist was unfamiliar with most of the songs suggested. These women treated the man as if he were a jester, there solely to entertain them. Another man joined the first guitarist, bringing his own instrument.

I found myself on the periphery of this scene. To my left, the women lounged comfortably in their chairs, thoroughly enjoying themselves. To my right, the two guitarists struggled to keep up with the demands, feeling pressured to play as many songs as possible. The women would not tolerate silence, and the men were expected to deliver music, despite not being paid for their performance. They were treated as if they were putting on a show.

But the performance didn’t end there. The women quickly grew bored and requested a song they could sing along to. Unfortunately, the guitarists only knew English songs, and we were in France. The women didn’t know the lyrics.

Despite this, the guitarists didn’t perform poorly. However, after 45 minutes, the women’s interest waned, and they asked for the performance to end, eager to move on to something else.


I realized that some women view male musicians as jesters, treating them like servants who exist solely to entertain.

If you’re a musician, don’t play for others; play for yourself. Perform the music that you enjoy.