Does alcohol help you to pick up women?

You may think that alcohol help men to get more confident and successful. Today, I think that alcohol does not help because the male-female interaction is complicated. Confidence is useless if you don’t have a plan when you talk to a woman. Instead of turning to alcohol to gain confidence, it’s more beneficial to investigate the underlying causes of the confidence deficiency. I know why men lack confidence. They don’t have a clear plan in mind.

If you know exactly what you want to do with a woman. If you aren’t confident means that your plan has weaknesses. On the other hand, alcohol does not help you to 1/get plans 2/ build confidence.

Anyway, it is better to build confidence rather than drinking alcohol.

People may make you believe that seducing women is an easy thing. This lie is HUGE. In today’s society, the dynamics between men and women is complex, so that it’s important to have a plan when approaching a woman for the first time.

“Alcohol is a crutch that is actually unnecessary when you want to talk to a woman. Alcohol gives you a false sense of confidence, but it doesn’t solve any of your problems. For example, you can go to the same bar every week and drink a lot of alcohol without being successful with a single woman. You’re wasting your time and damaging your health. It’s better not to drink and to reflect on your life. Should you continue going to that bar? Of course not.