Choosing Adoption: What Every Man Should Know Before

Some men decide to adopt a non-biological child. There are essential facts to know before making this decision.

Do your math:

Check the law in your country / state / province. Sometimes, financial parental responsibility does not end when the child reaches the age of majority. If you are in a relationship with the mother of this child, this information can be crucial. If you decide to split up at some point, you may have to pay child support until the child becomes financially independent.

Rejection is always possible:

If you have no children and can have children, you must be cautious. You may get rejected by the child in the future. The said child may become obsessed with his/her biological father. A child must always say: “you aren’t my real father”. This problem can’t be solved, you will always be a non-biological person. Keep in mind, that if you are fertile, if you decide to get biological children, you’ll always have this strong biological bond with them. It will bring you an undeniable authority over your children so that you will not need to justify yourself when you will raise them. You will always play the trump card: “I am your father. period.”


If you are in the situation where you could adopt a child, think about your interest. The consequences of your choice can impact your life for many years of your life. Be cautious if you saw heartwarming scenes of adoption on youtube. A 3-minute video does not reflect the reality of being a father of non biological child for 20 years.