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Are many Norwegian women gold diggers? (an apartment case)

My host was a young red-haired Norwegian woman in her mid-twenties. Through her, I gained insight into the mindset of demanding Norwegian women. She had high expectations of men and pressured her boyfriend to buy an apartment in one of Oslo’s most expensive neighborhoods. I spoke to one of her male friends who confided in me, “I could never afford to buy something here.” This led me to wonder if she chose her boyfriend based on his income and ability to purchase the apartment, which was only a one-room loft.

In addition to the apartment, she also wanted to go on vacation. It seemed that she wanted everything right from the beginning of her adult life, which reminded me of some French women who want a house with a swimming pool at 25 years old on her first year as an employee.

I later asked some Norwegian people if it was common for Norwegian women to pressure their husbands or boyfriends to buy expensive real estate. One man confirmed that it was indeed common. These women even encourage their husbands to outbid other offers when buying a property to ensure they secure the desired real estate.

Even if Norwegian people earn among the highest incomes on average in Europe, the Norwegian households are among the most indebted households in the OECD countries.

In 2015, The Norwegian household debt was equal to 222% of their yearly disposable income. Taking into account, there was a huge rise in real estate prices between 2005 and 2016,

The sentence can be rewritten as follows:

I believe that young Norwegian couples are more indebted than older Norwegian couples. Essentially, if you enter into a serious relationship with a Norwegian woman, you could end up with the biggest debt of your life.

Even during dating, I don’t think the situation is much different because it’s a mindset. These women aim to get as many things as possible, and they want the best. They seem to think that there are no limits to money and time.

To be a companion, a man is expected to be a money provider.

Huge gap between what “fake news” media say about Norwegian women and my experience

On the internet, lots of bloggers write that Norwegian women are perfect and illustrate their idea by posting pictures of Norwegian models.

I think you should not limit yourself from the beautiful women that you see in walking videos on YouTube. These women are friendly, easygoing, speak English well but it does not mean they don’t have any expectations towards their boyfriends.

A picture I took close to the Train station in Oslo