Fathers Who Value Their Legacy More Than Their Life Experience

Interestingly enough, I often hear men expressing their desire to leave a financial legacy for their children. I never heard a woman expressing her desire to leave a financial legacy for her children. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that women are more selfish than men. It is more a posture than anything else. These men want to play the good guys, the good fathers. It is a part of a whole.

All these men have the same profile. They decided to dedicate their life to others. They dedicated their money and time to their children and wife rather than living to the fullest. These men deny their own existence. They put everybody else on a pedestal.

They should treat themselves and do what they like to do. Rather, they decided to live a life of slavery. They need to learn to prioritize their own lives. For most of them it is too late. They will always prioritize their life of their children, grand children and wives over their own.