Is Harvey Weinstein an offender or a victim?

The Harvey Weinstein scandal in October 2017 showed the power of feminism in targeting any man and making him a public enemy overnight. However, Weinstein is not in prison, which means that the US justice system found no serious evidence against him. He is a victim of Hollywood feminism, and his career was ruined within a week.

The mainstream media can easily label a man as a rapist by using a picture that makes him look like a criminal and creating a story that implies he is a sexual offender without being too direct to avoid defamation charges. People quickly believe these stories.

For years, no women sued Weinstein because they were never sexually abused or raped. He liked having sex with women, which is normal since he is heterosexual. Feminists want us to believe that every sexual remark is harassment and every heterosexual act is rape.

Actresses publicly spoke out against Weinstein to manipulate the media and get free publicity. They needed to work, and Weinstein-bashing helped them get media coverage and be noticed by filmmakers and producers. Female actresses, novelists, and singers use rape allegations as a new way to advertise themselves. The Weinstein case helped them get their names in newspapers, TV, and radio worldwide.

In 2024, it was discovered that some of the women who testified as witnesses in Harvey Weinstein’s trial were allowed to share allegations that Weinstein wasn’t even charged with. This inclusion of testimony about unrelated allegations was deemed an “abuse of judicial discretion” by the court. Additionally, testimony from other women about “loathsome alleged bad acts and despicable behavior” was permitted, which could have negatively impacted Weinstein’s character before the jury. 

Sexual assault & rape are very vague concepts. They are too subjective. They need to be better defined in the laws.

I notice that rape victims are in good health. They have full control of their limbs. We can then talk about mental injury. However, how can we accurately assess a mental injury? If it’s not possible to definitively evaluate a mental injury with an MRI, convictions based on a pseudo mental injury are entirely arbitrary and unfounded. It’s too easy to manipulate a psychologist or psychiatrist by telling them that one is suffering when it may not be the truth.

Men should contact their local political representatives to raise awareness about this issue.