How to check that a woman is real on any dating websites

Never trust the verification process of a website. A woman might have lent her ID to someone else to pass the verification process.

Check if her profile picture exists online

Copy and paste her profile picture into Yandex images, Google images, or TinEye to check whether the picture has been previously uploaded on a different website. It is a major red flag if you discover that the picture has already been uploaded elsewhere.

Check for inconsistencies in her profile

Check for inconsistencies in her profile. For example, she may have mentioned that she is tall while appearing short in the pictures. She may not have filled out certain fields, or her country of residence may not match the profile description.

Ask her for a selfie

Ask her to send a selfie of herself making a specific hand gesture. For your information, a woman once mentioned to me that she couldn’t send such a picture because her phone was too old and she had lost her actual one, which made it complicated. I don’t know if you see it, but in my eyes, it is a HUGE red flag!

For your information, I have already encountered situations where a woman who successfully passed the verification process of a website but refused to or didn’t provide me with a selfie.