Is chatting with cam models the best for a MGTOW?

Some men perceive users of paid adult chat websites as submissive because they pay to chat with women. These men, often part of the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) community, may label such users as “simps” or worse. However, an online relationship with a cam model, though a paid relationship, offers numerous advantages to men.

Here are the advantages of using cam model websites:

  • A man can’t be falsely accused of sexual abuse or rape after a private chat session with a cam model, since there is no physical contact.
  • Men don’t have to fear STDs with a cam model, since there is no physical contact.
  • They also don’t have to fear being tricked. There is no risk of forced fatherhood with a cam model, and no risk of impregnating a woman.
  • A cam model site user does not need to be concerned about alimony or child support, since he does not physically meet the woman in person.
  • Since men pay, women must deliver. If a man is dissatisfied with a cam model, he can stop talking to her whenever he wants.
  • If a man is not happy with a cam model, he can end the conversation without saying goodbye and choose someone else among the cam models. He is not forced to listen to the woman’s problems as in real life, and he does not need to answer calls or bring her belongings back to her.
  • The man decides when the relationship starts and ends.
  • The man chooses the woman he wants to see. A regular customer can easily replace a cam model with a nicer, more beautiful, and younger woman.
  • The man does not suffer from the downsides of a relationship, such as male bashing, criticism, humiliation, or ongoing solicitation. If he experiences any of these, he can end the conversation immediately by pressing a button.
  • The man is not pressured to go into debt. In the real world, some women order their partners to buy expensive products like houses, cars, or swimming pools. While a man may spend a lot of money on cam models, it is unlikely to result in long-lasting financial consequences.

In conclusion, the internet can act as a layer of protection between men and women, preventing men from finding themselves in trouble because of female predators. While some men may consider cam models to be bad, this should be put in context. Dating can be less efficient and more expensive than using cam model websites, and a toxic girlfriend or wife can cost a man far more than any cam model.