Use a business card to pick up women

A business card is a very important tool to give your contact details to a woman when you or a woman have no time or when you don’t know the person enough to give your contact details.

For instance, you meet a woman in a shop, and she does not have time to talk to you. In this situation, give her your business card. Some so-called pickup artists say that men should get a phone number. I disagree with this point of view. It does not mean she wants to date you when you get her phone number.

I know it because this issue happened to me. I obtained the mobile phone number from a woman, and called her. I had a hard time on the phone with her. She was very unfriendly on the phone. It has been a total waste of time. Don’t believe the hype.

business cards

If a woman has your phone number or your email address and if she contacts you, it means she is interested.

The business card is also efficient when a chaperone or other people surround a woman. Just give your business card and leave. Today, business cards are so cheap so that you can order arty ones and distribute it.

Business cards are a must-have. Always keep a few on you, so you’re ready to hand them out at any moment. Just remember, not every interaction will be a success, and that’s okay. Don’t be discouraged if someone doesn’t take your card or follow up with you. Keep trying and stay prepared.

There is always a percentage of feedback that is low as compared to the number of distributed business cards. Thus, Distribute as many business cards as you can. Don’t force women to call you.

Put alternative contact details on the business card. Mention you have a Facebook account and add a disposable email account. Many women are very shy today and prefer to analyze your Facebook account before contacting you. So, it may be useful to put some public information on your Facebook profile.

A business card is incredibly useful. I remember once I was with a friend in a bar, and a woman came to speak to us. Suddenly, her brother showed up and was angry, saying something like “she is an easy woman and goes out with any men.” He was upset for no reason and very cynical. He left, and she followed him. It was an awkward situation. This woman was around 25 years old, and there was nothing wrong with her. She was nice and attractive. When the chaperone left and before she followed him outside, I could have given her a business card if I had one. The brother would not have been a problem afterward. In fact, he was playing the role of the chaperone. You see, in this situation, the woman’s mindset was not the problem. From my observations, most of the time, it’s the fences surrounding women that prevent us from being successful with them.