Top Songs that Glorify Women: A List of Tunes with Lyrics Putting Women on a Pedestal

After taking the red pill, you may find that the lyrics of many love songs take on a new meaning. For some, these songs are now unbearable to listen to, as they seem to be part of a larger propaganda aimed at subjugating men and turning them into subservient beings.

1.Stevie wonder – you are the sunshine of my life

Stevie wonder is a master of cheesy romanticism. Extract:

I feel like this is the beginning
Though I’ve loved you for a million years
And if I thought our love was ending
I’d find myself drowning in my own tears

Is it too excessive when talking about a man’s love for his girlfriend? LOL

2.The Beatles – I feel fine

The propagandists were among the most skilled in promoting the idea of male-female relationships by using music to condition men into placing women on a pedestal.

3.Barry White – I’ve Got So Much to Give

Barry White conditions men to simp for women. In the relationships described in his song, a man should give everything for a woman and expect nothing in return.

4.Phil Collins – You’ll be my heart

Looking back, it’s clear that Phil Collins was among the musicians who wrote songs that promoted the idea of men dedicating their entire existence, energy, and time to a woman. These songs now seem extreme and unbalanced in the context of gender equality.