Videos of Russian nightclubs in st Petersburg

Some people portray Russia as the paradise land for men who are looking for an attractive female companion. They say Russian women are all stunning, tall, blond haired with a super-model body.

Hopefully, the Internet can help us to see whether theses assumptions are true or false.

We investigated hard, and we’ve found some videos of nightclubs and bars situated in St Petersburg. This city has the reputation of counting the highest number of beautiful women in Russia.

The St Pete. “Metro” nightclub video analysis:

Metro is three stories high nightclub, and it is known to be the place for clubbing. This disco has been listed in the top 10 clubs and ranked second by described metro club as being a “mainstream club with Russian and Eurodance music.” On virtual tourist, some internet visitors say that Metro club has good recommendations.

First of all, let’s set the scene. We are in one of the major nightclubs in the center of St Petersburg.

Let’s take a look at this first amateur footage. It is advised to use start and stop if you want to see what’s happening here carefully. The camera is moving too fast, but we can see there are lots of men in the room. This video debunks several urban legends. We see that the women dancing are not tall and are not very blond. By the way, we see that her beauty is not smashing. Then, I notice a woman standing against the wall, arms crossed. Everyone knows that “arms crossed” means “I am not open.” It is also obvious the nightclub is a students nightclub. It strangely looks like a Dutch nightclub. In the Netherlands, most of the nightclubs are packed with youngsters from 18 to 22 years old. At that point, you can find the same nightclub in western Europe.

Then, we found another youtube video from the same nightclub. In this one, it is obvious there are two cute blond women backing onto the wall. There are obviously lots of single men in Russian nightclubs too.

Here is now an overview of the metro club bar. Lots of guys sit at the bar. The camera does a traveling and then you see several women sitting at a table.

The scene quality improves a bit. We see now attractive blond women dancing. You see on the left two women dancing.

In fact, I expected a Russian nightclub to have many more stunning women than seen here. I don’t think this Russian nightclub is so far away from a western European nightclub for students. Nevertheless, I notice that there are slightly more women in this Russian nightclub than in a western European club.

Another footage from the same nightclub gives us a total different highlight on the Metro club. In this case, we see there are few women and lots of men on the dance floor. I know it looks like a beginning of the night, and there are fewer people, but it looks like a western nightclub with a significant number of men.

Footage of the St Petersburg “XXXX” bar:

Here is footage from a bar called XXXX which is also located in St Petersburg. Once again, there is a large number of men in the place. Funny enough virtual tourist describes this bar as being upscale. However, in reality, this is the breeding of a coyote club and a lap dance club. The official videos for this bar show female entertainers dancing. They hired lots of female dancers who entertain the local men watching them standing holding a beer. Female dancers give a false impression of a club packed with attractive women. I am not interested in those female entertainers because they are not accessible as they are pros. They are not representative of the local women.

UPDATE: the video was banned by Youtube.

Delight in Saint Petersburg

This nightclub seems interested. There are only regular women, and there is a significant number of women on the dancefloor.


These Russian nightclub footages show us the reality of Russia regarding the panel of available party girls. It is less impressive that we may think from a western perspective.  This place is one of the biggest clubs of St Petersburg. We should see at least a small panel of the most attractive women. Don’t forget they shot this footage in the three stories high building from Metro with three dancing rooms and a bar. In my Ebook where I talk about dating Russian women, I also mention there are female predators in Russian nightclubs like gold diggers. Even if a woman does not look like a gold digger, you have to be cautious. You can’t rely on the look of a woman to conclude she is a good one.