A nice woman isn’t necessarily a respectful woman

A woman may appear nice and courteous, complimenting you with a sweet and sharp voice, and carrying herself with a classy attitude. However, this does not necessarily mean that she is respectful towards you.

A woman may flash a smile at you, whisper sweet nothings in your ear, and shower you with compliments, but behind these gestures, she may not be treating you with respect. For instance, you may find yourself waiting in your car for an hour while she shops, even though she assured you it would only take five minutes.

A woman may claim to be your friend, but consistently ask for your help without offering any reciprocity. For example, when I was in university, I had a so-called female friend who studied with me. I remember the time she asked me to drive her to her boyfriend’s place, who was also my friend. However, upon reaching the destination, she made me feel like I had to leave, despite her boyfriend’s insistence that I stay. It became clear to me that I was being used as a taxi driver. All the while, she would compliment me and never criticize or judge me.

On the contrary, a woman who appears to be consistently grumpy may unexpectedly offer financial assistance when you are in dire need.

Therefore, it is crucial for men to stop relying solely on a woman’s appearance, as this can be misleading. A woman with an innocent-looking baby face and a sharp voice may not necessarily be respectful.

It is essential to reassess and rethink relationships with the women you know, rather than relying on superficial appearances.