Stop befriending toxic women

Looking back, I remember all the times I saw men being too kind and friendly with women who didn’t deserve it. In situations where the men weren’t tied to these women in any way, they were still overly nice. For instance, I remember a man who kept listening to a woman who constantly put him down and mistreated him. No matter his age, rank, or social status, this man chose to keep a low profile and stay with this woman, even though the relationship wasn’t good for him.

I also think about the women who would tell a male friend that he’s a beta male, that he doesn’t know how to talk to women, or that he doesn’t give enough attention to women. These women might even make fun of his appearance or body, like mocking his belly because he’s overweight or his head because he’s bald. These comments are hurtful and unacceptable.

After observing men’s behavior in several countries, I realized that this is a worldwide issue. I like to remind myself that men often value toxic women too much and don’t appreciate good women enough. So, I ask myself, do I have toxic female friends?

It’s important to remove toxic women from your Facebook friend list and decline invitations from women who were toxic to you in the past.

Embrace the brevity of life by surrounding yourself with individuals who bring you joy and fulfillment.