Never trust woman’s Words, only trust her actions – dating & relationship

Men often underestimate the value of women who act in their favor. While men appreciate women who give them compliments, they tend to ignore ladies who take action to help them.

Compliments are free and require no effort or time. In contrast, when a woman helps you with your job, lends you money, or finds you accommodation, she is investing her time, energy, and resources in you. These actions are tangible and have real value.

Speeches, on the other hand, are intangible and can be made out of thin air. They are promises that may or may not be fulfilled. Speeches do not require any investment of money or time, and they can be used to manipulate or deceive.

Unfortunately, many men are swayed by the sweet words of female manipulators. To avoid falling into this trap, it is important to take stock of the women in your life. Make a list of all the women you know, and then mark an “X” next to the names of those who have asked you for money or a service. Next, mark a “Y” next to the names of women who have done something for you. Finally, mark an “O” next to the names of women who have never asked you for anything. The women with a “YO” next to their names should be your favorites.

It’s also important for men to de-program themselves and consider the value of their female relatives. Some women may be very beneficial, while others may be toxic. This includes family members, such as your mother. It’s important to recognize that good women can come from any background or community, and the same is true for toxic women. Don’t assume that women from your own community are automatically less harmful – do the test and find out for yourself.