Advice about picking-up women in Brazil

Brazil is one of the countries in South America with the lowest number of English speakers. In fact, if you want to pick up Brazilian women, you must speak Portuguese.

Go to where the most beautiful women are:

Brazil is a country of contrast. It does not feature a homogeneous presence of beautiful women throughout the country. For instance, Brazilian native Indian women are not as blessed as Brazilian women who are descended from European immigrants. The former Victoria model Gisele Bundchen is from German origin and Alessandra Ambrosio is from Italian, Portuguese and Polish origin. Native Indian women live in smaller town or Amazonia territories. Don’t be adventurous, stay in the big cities close to the coast if you want to meet beautiful women.

In South America, you will find the gorgeous women in the places where there were the highest number of European immigrants. Out of three Brazilian Victoria secret supermodels, two models are descended from European immigrants (Alessandra Ambrosio and Gisele Bundchen).

Don’t expect a Brazilian woman to be active in a relationship. They are one of the most passive women in the world. If you do nothing, you will get nothing. It may sound like what you know in the western world but it is not the same. In the western world, you are exposed to potential risks of male-bashing, a strong lack of respect. In Brazil, just like everywhere in South America, women are respectful with men. It does not mean every woman is nice. In fact, they can also blackmail you to force you to marry.

If you date women in Brazil, there is something very important to know. Better not tell a Brazilian woman where you live. If she knows where you live, and if you flirted with her, she may come to your place without asking, and stand in front of your premises waiting for you to come out. Brazilian women can be eager to find a stable relationship with the perspective of marriage. They can be ready to do anything to reach this goal.