An International Ukrainian dating agency, is it worth it?

You wonder whether it is worth joining a dating agency to meet a Ukrainian woman, here is what I have to say.

Language barrier:

Ukraine has one of the lowest English proficiency levels in Europe. If you don’t speak Ukrainian or Russian, you will struggle to communicate with many local women. This means that if you travel to Ukraine without knowing either language, you won’t be able to chat with most women. Don’t believe YouTubers who claim that everyone worldwide understands English; it’s a false assumption. Ukrainian dating agencies offer translators, which makes sense given the language barrier. It’s hard to estimate the number of Ukrainian women who can speak and understand English, but perhaps 50% of them can’t hold a conversation in English. It’s frustrating to be unable to understand a beautiful woman who wants to interact with you.

Learning Russian would help you to speak to Ukrainian and Russian women. Unfortunately, the Russian alphabet is not the Latin alphabet. It is called the Cyrillic alphabet.

Travel plan:

There’s a common misconception on the internet that meeting and dating Ukrainian women is easy, and that you can just show up in Kiev and have instant success. However, this isn’t the case. Even the famous pickup artist Roosh V, who spent time in Kiev and documented his experiences in a YouTube video, had numerous failures with local women. It’s important to note that Roosh V doesn’t speak Ukrainian or Russian fluently. If you’re an American in Kiev, your experience with Ukrainian women will likely be similar to Roosh V’s.

Ukrainian agencies


Ukrainian dating agencies offer human translators to facilitate communication between men and single Ukrainian women. This means that during speed dating events, men can easily communicate with the women they are interested in thanks to human translators.

However, if a man travels to Kiev without knowing Ukrainian or Russian, it can be very frustrating if he cannot communicate with a woman he likes. I have experienced this firsthand and can attest to its frustration. I also tested translation apps and I must say, it does not always work. When you are in a hurry and want to transmit an idea, it is not easy to use google translate.

No waste of time:

Using a Ukrainian dating agency can save you time and hassle when trying to meet someone in Ukraine. If you were to travel to Ukraine on your own, it can be difficult to meet someone, especially if you don’t know the language or the area. It’s similar to traveling to a US city where you don’t know anyone – you would have to start from scratch and figure out where to go and how to meet people. Even if you do find someone you’re interested in, it can be frustrating if you can’t communicate with them due to the language barrier.

Additionally, not all Ukrainian cities are conducive to socializing and meeting people. Some towns don’t have malls or public places to meet women, and the infrastructure of the cities and towns can make it difficult to commute and meet someone. The distance between cities can also be a challenge – for example, it takes 7 hours by train or bus to travel from Kiev to Odessa. If you were to meet a woman in Odessa and then want to see her again, you would have to spend 14 hours traveling back and forth.

Online dating can also be misleading – people may make it seem like it’s easy to fly to Eastern Europe and date women, but there are many constraints such as time, distance, and language. You may see beautiful Ukrainian women in a YouTube video, but they may not be in the area you’re visiting or available to meet. Overall, using a Ukrainian dating agency can help you navigate these challenges and make the most of your time in Ukraine.


Traveling to Ukraine on your own may end up costing you more money than joining a Ukrainian dating agency. This is because if you go to Ukraine alone, you may need to stay for a longer period of time before finding someone, which can be expensive. Additionally, you may want to travel around the country to meet new people, which can also add to your expenses.

On the other hand, if you join a Ukrainian dating agency, you can have multiple dates with women you already know, without needing to travel to another city to meet someone new. This can save you both time and money.

From my personal experience, I found that meeting someone in Eastern Europe was not as easy as I had expected, even though the local women were more open-minded and friendly. Looking back, I think this was because I had unrealistic expectations of finding someone within a very short timeframe of 1-2 weeks, when in reality, it would have been more realistic to plan for a 2-month stay.