Are Filipina women worse than American women?

It all starts with a double standard. When I type in youtube “Filipina scammer”, I got a list of videos dedicated to alleged scams of Filipina ladies.

But when I type American woman scammer I don’t have any results. Does it mean there aren’t any female scammers in the USA?

Based on what I’ve seen on YouTube, it suggests that Filipinas are often depicted as attempting to scam American men, while American women are portrayed as innocent victims. It’s intriguing how television and online media perpetuate this notion, but is it an accurate reflection of reality?

No one says that on average in the USA, the cost of a divorce is $15,000. American women initiate divorce in 70% of the cases. 45% of marriage in the USA end up in a divorce. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2018, out of the 400,000 people who received alimony, 97% were women and 3% were men. This means that approximately 388,000 women received alimony, while only 12,000 men received alimony in the USA.

In theory, if I were an unemployed American woman, I could potentially engage in a strategy where I seduce a man on Tinder. I would target the man with the highest salary, convincing him of my qualifications or a lucrative business venture. After marrying him for five years, I could initiate a divorce, aiming to claim half of his assets and receive alimony.

An American woman can also be a scammer. Scams are just culturally different when coming from the US or from the Philippines.

Actually, I think it’s complicated to compare women based on nationality. For instance, there’s an overrepresentation of predatory women in Philippine marriage agencies. To meet respectful women from the Philippines, one would have to book a plane ticket. You must be able to talk to women who have a real job in the philippines and talk to them without any intermediaries (the THREE NO. NO agencies, NO human translators, NO online dating websites)

The internet is a playground for scammers. Logically, female and male scammers from philippines may try to target wealthy American men.