Are Ukrainian women easier than American women?

The answer is more complicated than yes or no.

For sure American Women have higher expectations than Ukrainian women when they think of a male companion. Ukrainian women don’t expect a man to be strong, tall, handsome, rich, adventurous, funny, multi-task. Ukrainian women don’t expect their man to be a superman even if they sound like looking for the best mate.

Ukrainian women are looking for serious men. It means men who are stable. Consequently, Ukrainian women will tend to be more open-minded with men who are serious and stable. The male profile that American women are looking for, is different. Usually, American women find serious and stable men boring.

An American man who has a stable job and who is serious in the USA can have difficulties dating women in the USA because American women are looking for supermen. In big cities of the USA, I have noticed that women had high expectations like living a big house, having 2 SUV, going on vacation to remote expensive destinations.

This particular serious & stable American man is going to be more successful with Ukrainian women. In Ukraine, women want a serious & stable man to envisage a serious relationship.

Consequently, a man who has a stable life will find Ukrainian women to be easier than American women. There is a twist. This is valid only if you meet ukrainian women in real world not online. Ukrainian women that you meet online are usually much more demanding than Ukrainian women that you would meet in real life.