Advice on bringing a woman back to your hotel

love hotelThere is nothing more frustrating than a receptionist who tries to stop you to come back to your hotel room with your date.


Hotel with direct access to bedrooms, Motel:

That’s the best solution. It is those kinds of hotels where you can access your hotel room from the car park without going through a reception hall. The fixed price bedroom is very important because the hotel staff doesn’t care of how many people sleep in the hotel room. Don’t forget this rule is valid everywhere all over the world.


Be cautious with independent hotels, especially when you need to leave the keys each time you leave the place. There are lots of these places where the hotel room price is per person. So the receptionist will check out how many people are accessing the room. When you come back, you can’t forecast the reaction of the night receptionist in many countries. If you don’t find a hotel or motel where the car park has direct access to the hotel room, Consider Short term accommodation and rent at In fact, that’s why big hotels are the best. When there are lots of rooms, the reception does not care about who is getting in and out. The smaller the hotel is, the most likely the employee at the reception is going to spy on you.


The major problem of hostels is dormitories. I missed opportunities because of that. Sometimes there are single rooms in hostels. When you have an opportunity, and when there are free single rooms, that’s the time to get closer to the reception and book one single room just in case. Sometimes it is good to sacrifice a bit of money to get successful. I have seen that people had sex in the toilets or public showers of hostels. I guess that to get there a lot of alcohol was involved.