review (scams, scams, scams)

I tested

First, I found that many profiles were fake. I created a protocole with a premade text asking women to send a selfie with a hand sign like 👌👍 to prove they are real.

To spot scammers, I copied and pasted the pictures of sugar babie’s profiles in google image search, tineye and yandex images. I saw that from time to time the pictures of profiles were stolen from instagram accounts.

Scammers everywhere

To my surprise, many verified women refused to send me a selfie. So, I came to the conclusion that some scammers succeeded in hacking the verification processes (ID verification and authenticity verification) of

I also met sugar babies who pressured me to send them a large sum of money. I told them, I could not do it because I didn’t know them but they didn’t try to be trustworthy. None of them sent me pictures.

Most real sugar babies make minimal efforts. I understood what their goal was. They wanted me to send as much money as I could send and vanish in the air.

I also met women who wanted me to send a picture even if I suggested to pay to discuss with them. It was a role reversal. The customer (me) had to follow the rules of the service provider (the sugar baby)

I always sent 50 euros to mitigate the loss. I sent once 50 euros to her sugar baby and asked to send me photos. She didn’t send the photos and then blocked me on so that I could not display her profile and click on the “report” button to tell the support team of the site that she was a scammer.

After some time, the high number of fake profiles and scammers became annoying, and I stopped my experiment of This website feature too many scammers. At least, I can guarantee that more than 50% of the sugar babies on mysugardaddy are scammers.