How to find out that a Youtube video of street seduction is fake

I checked out this Street Attraction video on YouTube, and even though I’ve been to some of the same Eastern European cities as those pick-up artists, something about it just felt off to me. It was like the scenes were taking place in completely different cities (like Budapest or Bucharest) that didn’t match up at all with my own experiences. To be honest, it seemed like the whole thing might have been staged.

  1. The actors and actresses appear right in the middle of the screen.
  2. A man talks to many beautiful women in a short time. If you go to the same place, you never see so many beautiful women.
  3. In real life, many women are in a hurry. However, in these seduction videos, these women have time.
  4. The man is always successful with the women and none of them say “no”
  5. You rarely see the aftermath. You will never see dates with one of the woman.
  6. The said pick up artists have no girlfriends or women who call him.
  7. In the old towns of Eastern European cities (Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Prague), you see only tourists. Beautiful local women are at work.

YouTube pickup artists might be hiring local women to act as their “targets” wherever they go. They can even pay for women to travel with them. This is doable because actresses are pretty cheap in Eastern Europe and Latin America. For instance, the average salary in Bucharest is only $600 a month. And in places like Thailand or Colombia, it’s super affordable to pay a woman to follow you around for a few days.

Here in France, I’m thinking about staging a fake street seduction. I’ll bring my two tripods and head to Bordeaux. Then, I’ll hire some gorgeous ladies from the local comedy classes or instagram. I’ll set up my tripods in a park and create a scene for my scenario.