Can we pick up women in New York City?

The answer is simple. no no and no. picking up women in new york city is a waste of time. If you are a single man and live in New York City, please do the math. Calculate how much you spend on a monthly basis to pick up or date women. Sum up all your expenses dedicated to dating ( dates, alcohol in pickup places, entrance fees, gas, hotel room, subway, restaurants, Online dating subscriptions…). You may be surprised to discover that you spend a lot of money for few benefits. I really advise you to pause and consider learning foreign languages (Spanish and Russian). If you can afford a place in new york city, you can also afford a flight ticket to Mexico, Colombia.

I calculated that a Londoner, a new yorker or a Parisian man has 1 pickup opportunity every 2 or 3 months. On the other hand, if the same person would go to latin america, eastern europe, russia or asia, he would have an opportunity every week. Let’s stop saying that men are always guilty not to be pushy enough, not to be funny enough, not to be proactive enough, not to be masculine enough. Whoever you are, the battle is lost before it begins if you live in New York, London, Paris, Berlin.

The anti male culture, the urban infrastructure, the distances, the local culture, the density of people, the excess of male individuals versus women and more importantly the education of female new Yorkers make dating almost impossible in NYC and big cities.

For sure, There is a significant number of female New Yorkers who have very high expectations towards men. They want you to be rich, funny, handsome, adventurous, creative, artists… ¬†However, you aren’t tied to female New Yorkers. A male new yorker should get a passport and take advantage of the JFK or EWR international airports. He should travel and meet new women in other countries.