Review of Jack Donovan book – the Way of men

I’ve read “The Way of Men” by Jack Donovan, and I found it to be an engaging read. However, it presents itself as a guidebook for men aiming to adhere to traditional gender roles, particularly emphasizing servitude to women. Donovan applies his insights from tribal societies to modern Western culture, advocating for a return to a hunter-gatherer mindset reminiscent of ancient times.

Donovan asserts that men should embody virtues such as mastery, strength, courage, and honor. However, I believe these virtues may not effectively address contemporary challenges. Additionally, the pursuit of honor has historically led to unnecessary violence, as seen in 19th-century duels among Frenchmen, where deaths occurred over matters of pride. Such conflicts often resulted in senseless loss of life, with no tangible benefits for society.

Real life example:

In my view, dueling and combat as a means of resolving disputes are archaic and impractical. Sacrificing oneself for honor or engaging in unnecessary conflicts only leads to tragic loss. Throughout history, countless men have perished in conflicts with their fellow men, leaving behind grieving families and communities.

Strength isn’t a sustainable approach

Jack Donovan fails to recognize that the circumstances of modern life differ significantly from those of ancient times. In today’s world, it’s unrealistic and unsustainable to prove one’s strength through physical confrontation or manual labor well into old age. The societal pressures Donovan advocates for, such as prioritizing physical prowess and competitiveness, reflect a widespread cultural misconception that continues to affect many men today.

We are conditioned to believe that success is measured by our ability to work harder, earn more money, showcase physical strength, and outperform our peers. This pervasive ideology perpetuates unhealthy notions of masculinity and fosters unnecessary competition among men.

Men should do the opposite. They should think about their mental and body health. They should think about their passion in life. They should stop being part of this stupid cultural competition between men where the winner gets nothing in the end. They should think about their interest rather than mastery, honor, strength, and courage.

Interestingly, women think more of their interest than men do.

Jack Donovan challenges the masculinity of men who do not fit the traditional mold of strength, courage, honor, and mastery. This tendency reflects a common behavior among neo-machos, who use judgment and comparison to instill insecurity in others.

However, the legitimacy of neo-machos to define masculinity is questionable. True masculinity cannot be solely determined by subjective traits such as strength, courage, honor, and mastery. Instead, masculinity is a multifaceted concept that cannot be confined to a narrow set of characteristics.

Consider this scenario: would you prefer the qualities of a 70-year-old homeless war veteran or those of a wealthy entrepreneur? The answer likely varies depending on individual values and perspectives. Ultimately, the importance of strength, courage, honor, and mastery in defining masculinity is debatable and may not align with the realities of modern life.

With Donovan, the pressure is always on men’s shoulders

The neo-machos sermonize us by telling us how we should behave. Men have to fish. Men have to hunt.

Meanwhile, Donovan and the Neo machos never ask women to do anything.

How Jack Donovan ideas perpetuate male slavery

Jack Donovan views men as members of gangs who must compete with each other. Interestingly, he never acknowledges the potential threats posed by women. Like many neo-machos, Donovan makes the mistake of assuming women are inherently virtuous. As a result, in Donovan’s worldview, women benefit from men’s labor without contributing themselves. He encourages men to work hard and fight for their “gang,” implying they must also provide for and protect women. This dynamic often leads to men accumulating wealth that women then take advantage of without reciprocating.

This ideology can have negative consequences for men. For instance, if a man works hard to earn money and then faces a conflict with a neighbor, he may feel compelled to fight to defend his honor. In extreme cases, this could result in legal trouble or even incarceration.

Donovan’s ideology aligns with the traditional marriage dynamic, where a man financially supports an unemployed woman for the duration of their marriage. This arrangement can trap men in a cycle of financial dependence and limit their opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment.

Female predators can take advantage of Donovan ideas

If a guy buys into Donovan’s ideology, he becomes an easy target for female manipulation. For instance, a wife might push her husband to pick a fight with the neighbor just to prove his manliness. And if he doesn’t make enough money to fulfill her wishes, she’ll accuse him of not being a real man. Even if he doesn’t want to deal with all the dirty work at home, she’ll question his masculinity.