The male bashing problem in the western world

Over the past decade, I’ve noticed a growing trend of male bashing among women of all ages, from 15 to 90 years old. Initially, I assumed it was mostly confined to young women in high school, but over time, I realized that male bashing was prevalent even among women in their 80s and beyond.

Today, many women criticize men simply for being men, which I view as a form of discrimination. In such an environment, forming meaningful relationships becomes challenging. No one wants to be subjected to male bashing. I believe that many men are now put off by women due to this phenomenon. Some Western women wonder how to attract the perfect guy. Perhaps they should start by considering how to be kinder to men.

Why do we talk so much about Global dating?

Here are a few characteristics of non-Western women that I’ve observed in Eastern Europe and Latin America, but seldom in North America or Europe:

  • Their willingness to please a man
  • Their intention to preserve a relationship rather than starting a war
  • Their respectful behavior, where they refrain from criticizing their man in public in front of others.
  • They listen to men rather than criticize them upfront.
male bashing

The contrast in mindset between Western European women and Eastern European women is quite significant, although I have noticed a slight increase in male bashing in Eastern Europe and Latin America as well. In Eastern Europe or Latin America, you can still encounter beautiful women who are approachable and don’t excessively flaunt their bodies, even if they may appear more attractive than many Western European or American women. This is why I advocate for considering international dating nowadays.

Whenever I travel to Eastern European countries, it boosts my ego because I find that beautiful women there listen to me and treat me with respect. In the Western world, conversations with women often escalate into arguments, creating unnecessary tension. I want to stress the word “unnecessary.” For instance, picture yourself on Miami Beach with your girlfriend: the sky is blue, the sun is rising, the white houses are picturesque, and the palm trees are swaying beautifully, yet she suddenly starts yelling at you… Why? How is it possible to be upset in such a wonderful setting on a perfect day? It seems like some Western women make a fuss about trivial matters.

If you happen to live near an international airport, seize the opportunity. Don’t travel for the sake of others, whether they are women or men; travel for yourself.