There is no good online dating websites

 Why nobody tells you the truth about dating sites:

It’s challenging for individuals to discern the reality of online dating websites, largely because these platforms spend heavily on advertising, which deters media from casting them in a negative light. Certain dating coaches, such as Evan Marc Katz, are believed to be aligned with the interests of these websites and thus refrain from critiquing them. Additionally, numerous blogs and online news outlets have affiliate relationships with dating sites, promoting subscriptions to these services in exchange for commissions.

The dating websites economy circle:

  1. Men subscribe to online dating website because they have been brainwashed by advertisements
  2. Online dating websites “buy” dating coaches & mainstream media through affiliation.
  3. Mainstream media write nice stories about online dating websites

The real business model of today’s dating websites:

Online dating websites primarily aim to gain subscribers, particularly men. The main focus is not necessarily to facilitate successful matches or relationships. Women who are attractive and emotionally stable typically do not need to use online dating services to find a partner.

The media has perpetuated the idea that online dating is widely accepted and utilized by women. However, this may not be entirely accurate. Women are always outnumbered by men on dating websites, and finding an attractive and emotionally stable woman online may be challenging.

The ultimate goal of online dating websites is to retain customers, rather than to help men find a partner. This is because losing a customer would result in lost revenue for the website. Therefore, it is important to approach online dating with a critical and informed perspective.

Overrepresentation of female predators on Dating websites:

Online dating websites have become a platform for various types of female predators such as scammers, gold diggers, and emotionally unstable women. These predators find it easier to target their victims online. Additionally, women who struggle with socializing in real life may turn to online dating as a way to meet someone.

The internet has also made it easier for scammers and gold diggers to find new victims and steal their money. There are even scammers from around the world who are looking for passports from the USA or Western Europe. Surprisingly, the media does not often discuss this issue.

Another type of predator is the gold digger, who encourages men to spend money on them without directly asking for it. These women often have a promising future and may seem like ideal partners, but their true intentions are to take advantage of men financially.

Fake profiles, the reality of straight online dating websites:

The majority of dating website databases contain numerous fake profiles. For example, some fake profiles may belong to gay men or transgender individuals who are attracted to straight men and create fake profiles to interact with them online. Additionally, some men may create multiple fake profiles using stolen pictures to impersonate women. After examining various dating websites, I have discovered fake profiles on almost all of them. For instance, I found transgender individuals on On PlentyOfFish, the language and semantics used in some profiles suggested that they were written by teenagers.

Ghost profiles:

It is common to come across profiles of female members who have not been active for one, two, or even three years or more. Sending a message to these profiles is unlikely to yield a response, as they are likely inactive. These profiles may be present on the website to create the illusion that the site has a larger user base than it actually does.