Don’t ask Ukrainian men for tips to date women in Ukraine

Never ask a local man about dating local women. It is a nonsense. I have heard numerous times, guys asking taxi drivers, bartenders, hotel receptionists or random guys.

So, now, I would like to ask you a question. You live somewhere on earth. Would you ask local taxi drivers, bartenders, hotel staffs, to advise you on how to pick up local women? For sure, the answer is now. Why would you do it in Ukraine, Russia, Poland or Romania ? You don’t need any intermediaries and advice. I say it so because I wasted myself a significant amount of time talking to local men.

Actually, I’ve discovered that the advice from local men about local women always missed the mark. I refer to these local men as storytellers—they seem to have a knack for making you think they’re quite the successful lover. This is just a smoke screen.

Sadly, there’s no substitute for personal experience. That’s why, during my travels, I keep it under wraps when asked by strangers why I’m visiting a country, preferring to say it’s for business and leaving it at that.

Case study:

An American man traveled to Ukraine and met a Ukrainian man in a fast food restaurant in Odessa. The American man has decided to film him to talk about local women.

I just want to debunk what this Ukrainian man said in the video:

  1. If a man wants to advise you about women, why is he on his own?
  2. The guy said that visiting villages is worth it. Villages lack privacy and anonymity. Villages Women live close to their family. On the other hand, the bigger the city is and the better is privacy and anonymity. If you go to a location with very few public places like a mall, swimming pool, fitness club, clothes shops, no one will bother you.
  3. Villages in Ukraine aren’t like villages in West Europe or the USA. When you go to a small town, since the economy is small, there are no public places where you can meet women there.
  4. Ukrainian women from West Ukraine aren’t different from women in East Ukraine.
  5. It isn’t the right approach to rely on finding “good girls”. Learn to protect yourself. This the most important goal.
  6. Ukraine is one of the countries in Europe where there is the smallest number of English speakers. In villages, you can be sure that nobody speaks and understand English.

In fact, I have heard those type of so-called tips from local men in many different countries. Those men want to play the specialists. So, I would like to ask you something about this situation.

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Traveling to Ukraine with the same approach as this American might not yield the desired results. It could lead to spending a lot of money without much to show for it. Take, for example, an American tourist’s experience: he arrived in Kiev, spent time at a local bar, and sought advice on whether Kiev or Odessa was better for meeting women. He was advised to visit Odessa for its abundance of attractive students. Following that, he was directed to Western Ukraine for its “European” vibe. However, his journey ended with him being $4000 out of pocket and no romantic encounters with Ukrainian women.