Don’t commit a suicide for a woman

If you want to kill yourself because of a woman, it means this woman became more important than your life. You have decided to put this woman on a pedestal. Why should the life of a woman be more important than your life?

It does not make sense.

When a man considers suicide due to a woman, it suggests that he has undergone a process where he has prioritized a woman above everything else in his life. This includes his goals, interests, and even his own well-being. Essentially, he has erased himself and made his entire life revolve around a woman.

However, it’s important to note that this is purely a mental construct. The Earth does not revolve around any one woman, and a man’s life is not disposable.

This mindset can be attributed to the ongoing brainwashing that men are subjected to, where they are taught to put women on a pedestal and treat them as special creatures who need to be taken care of. Men are conditioned to believe that they should be willing to die for women, work hard for them, entertain them, and be deeply in love with them.

This propaganda creates a psychological state where men feel like they can never measure up to the requirements needed to be good enough for a woman. This is because these requirements are always set higher than what a man can realistically provide. For example, if a man earns $2000, he will be expected to earn $3000. If he looks fit, he will be expected to look like a young Schwarzenegger. These expectations are never-ending.

To address this issue, men need to stop valuing women more than themselves. They should prioritize their own interests and well-being before thinking about women. Men should train themselves to be self-centered and rational rather than emotional. They should put themselves on a pedestal and recognize that their own lives are the most important thing.