Don’t go for a traditional relationship

When discussing traditional relationships, it is often assumed that the woman should stay at home while the husband works to provide for the household. However, with increasing life expectancy, it is important to consider the financial implications of marrying an unemployed woman, as the husband may need to support her for many years.

Despite the fact that women now work outside the home, they often earn less than men, which means that the husband may still be responsible for the majority of the financial support in the relationship. In the event of a divorce, the wife may be entitled to half of the assets accumulated during the marriage, which is why some people choose to have a wedding contract that specifies how assets will be divided.

Furthermore, if a woman does not work outside the home, the couple will have to rely on one pension during retirement. It is also worth noting that with advances in technology, household chores have become much easier and less time-consuming, which means that the traditional division of labor may no longer be necessary or fair.

In the name of gender equality, both men and women should contribute equally to household chores and maintenance tasks, such as car maintenance, electrical and plumbing repairs, and painting. It is important to challenge traditional gender roles and expectations in order to create more equitable and fulfilling relationships.