Evidence that Japan is a great place to date women.

In my list of Top 10 countries for dating and meeting women, I’ve included Japan at number 6 because it’s often overlooked. But truth be told, Japan is a fantastic place for meeting feminine, sensual, and sexually confident women. A youtuber named David Bond documented his intimate interactions with Japanese women. He wore a small camera and uploaded POV videos.

One of David Bond’s videos, “From Starbucks to Bedroom,” is a good example. Sure, some may think it’s set up, but I think the reactions seem to be genuine. In Japanese culture, young women are open to socializing with men, unlike many Western countries where women are often more reserved.

Update 2024: The David Bond videos are withdrawn from Youtube. These videos used to show how easy it was to get a date with a Japanese woman.

Plus, the videos stresses the importance of learning Japanese if you’re planning to visit or live in Japan and are interested in dating women.