Falling in love is dangerous to men

When a man becomes emotionally invested in a woman, it can be risky because he may not think rationally. In such cases, he might fail to act in his own best interest in the relationship, leading to potential problems down the line. Let’s consider some examples to illustrate how this might work.

A man can act irrationally

When a man is deeply in love, he may disregard his own interests. He might expose himself legally, lose a significant amount of money, jeopardize his health, and take risks in the name of love for a woman.

For instance, a devoted husband might readily agree to take out a 30-year mortgage loan because his wife requested it. A loving boyfriend might choose to relocate from Los Angeles to New York City for the sake of his girlfriend. Another man in love might be willing to leave his life in the UK to settle down in Ukraine or Australia with his partner. Similarly, he might embark on an 8-hour drive just to meet a woman and return the next day. He might even decide to quit his job to live with his partner without knowing whether he will get a new job.

He may decide to support her for the rest of his life

Imagine a man falls in love with a woman who doesn’t have a job. That means he’ll probably end up financially supporting her indefinitely. If she doesn’t have any qualifications or skills, it implies he’s willing to work hard to support her for the long haul. Similarly, if he’s in love with a creative woman who’s into photography and has a Master’s degree in art history, he’s likely signing up to support her for life.

Dating a toxic woman

A loving boyfriend may blindly accept the toxic behavior of his woman. She may humiliate or mistreat him. She may reduce his freedom. He may accept to live in a toxic relationship.

He does not act in his interest

If a man is in love, he becomes easily manipulable as he disconnects his rationality from his decision-making. He no longer acts in his own self-interest. Therefore, a woman can persuade a man to do whatever she desires in the name of love, simply by saying, “If you love me, do this.” In fact, based on my observation, it’s often men who choose to work for women voluntarily, without being asked.



Getting into trouble because of your love for a woman isn’t okay. Plus, it’s crucial to pick situations that benefit you. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice to date, share your life, or have sex with someone. It’s not okay to ruin your life, lose your job, lose friends, or compromise your health because of love for a woman.

The more you are rational in a relationship with a woman and the more you are less likely to be in trouble. The more emotional you become and the less you control the situation, the more susceptible you are to a woman’s control.