Financially independent women are the best for relationship and marriage.

To put it plainly, marriage is only beneficial if you marry a woman who earns as much or more than you do. In the event of a divorce, you will be able to recoup the financial investments you made into the relationship. While I am opposed to signing prenuptial agreements, it is somewhat less unfavorable if your partner earns a comparable salary to yours.

This only applies if you marry a woman who is financially independent. That’s why I support gender equality. Men should not be the sole providers for the household. From my observations, when a woman earns as much as her husband or partner, there is significantly less financial pressure on his shoulders compared to when a woman doesn’t work or earns less than him. Although this may seem obvious, there’s a catch.

Just because women didn’t work, it doesn’t mean they didn’t have high expectations for their lifestyle. I’ve noticed that women who didn’t work or earned less than their husbands often had higher expectations than women with a good income. Despite this, many men still consider marrying unemployed women, but they should instead think about marrying women who earn good money from a stable job position! In my experience, the number one problem in relationships is related to money and wives who turn out to be heavy spenders. While there are other issues, such as male bashing, money is a major one.

Furthermore, financially independent women understand the value of money. They know how difficult it is to earn money on a daily basis. I have met many of these amazing women in my life, and I believe that men don’t give enough importance to them yet. Men should stop marrying unemployed women and instead consider financially independent women as potential partners.