How visible gold diggers are useful to stealthy gold diggers

Some women may tell you that visible gold diggers are the only real danger. However, are these accusing women respectful of your finances? Be cautious, because the real gold digger may be standing right by your side.

Obvious gold diggers are easy to spot. They wear high heels, carry expensive bags, wear expensive perfume, dye their hair, and wear fitted dresses when they can. It’s easy to identify an obvious gold digger. Meanwhile, stealthy gold diggers don’t wear any flashy outfit but they mention they like to go on vacation to remote islands, drive in a BMW or a Porsche and enjoy Jacuzzi, swimming pool, Italian designer furniture.

The male interlocutor in such relationship is being manipulated. He thinks he’s lucky not to be with an obvious gold digger, but he may be spending a lot of money on his stealthy gold digger without realizing it or being partially aware of it. The job of the stealthy gold digger is to make him believe that all those expenses are okay. She will make him believe that everyone lives like that, for example, by convincing him that it’s okay to take out a 30-year mortgage loan.

I believe that there is a small number of obvious gold diggers in the female population, and they are overrepresented on TV. This is not representative of the female population as a whole. If I had to quantify the number of stealthy gold diggers, I would say that there are more of them than obvious gold diggers. However, it’s difficult to know for sure without understanding how people organize their expenses.