How to date a webcam model?

1. Choose the right website

Some cam model websites are good for live shows and some cam model websites are good for chatting. I advise you to visit this website to get a list of the best websites for a private chat session with a woman.

2. Fly to the cam model destination

Most of the cam models come from Romania, Ukraine, Russia. This also means that if you decide to fly to Romania, Ukraine or Russia, you can have lots of alternative local opportunities if you fail meeting a cam model. Be aware that many Russian women pretend to be from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland. So, it is useless to fly to those destinations.

3. Subscribe to a VPN

Most of the cam model block visitors¬†from their country. You must connect to a VPN first to simulate an IP address from your country. Download a browser like firefox that you’ll dedicate to your VPN extension. Cam model sites add sometimes a cookie to track the first country from which you logged in. So, Start with a fresh browser or clear your browser cache.

4. Set up a date

Go to a private chatroom, activate the 2-way audio chat and set up a date. The best would be to set up a date in a neutral public place like a Starbucks coffee shop in the city center where you are.