How to date a French woman in Paris?

It is very important to find an intimate place and isolate your interlocutor from potential contenders. In Paris, if you sit at a terrace with a beautiful woman, some desperate men will dare to talk to her in front of you. When a maid asks you if you want to sit outside or inside, always choose a seat inside.

Some restaurants are really busy in Paris. The staff will pressure you to leave as soon as you finished eating.

Don’t wait too long

Romantic evenings as we often see in movies and TV shows might not match up with reality for a few practical reasons. Similar to London, many establishments close early, and in Paris, even the metro shuts down at certain times, making it tricky to find a über. Planning an earlier date could save you from these late-night headaches. In bustling cities like Paris, the sheer size and pace can be overwhelming and costly, making spontaneity a bit more challenging. To make the most of your time, it’s best to plan ahead and head straight to either your place or hers when the moment feels right. Otherwise, you might find yourself hopping from place to place, only to realize it’s too late to really connect with your partner.

Hotel issues

Just like in London, The main issue lies in the size of the city. Paris is big and if you live in the suburb, you cannot bring a woman back to your place because of the distance. It would take too long.

It would sound logical to opt for a hotel. It is a neutral place.

Choose a big hotel because employees of independent hotels can be quite intrusive.

Large chain brand hotels are preferred because they offer anonymity, which is invaluable. In such hotels, the staff does not pay attention to what guests do in their private time. It is worth noting that large hostels in Paris are a better option than family-run hotels in the city.

In the night, the best would be to bring her to her place to have a one night stand. It is a more comfortable solution for her.

Then, once the “deal has been sealed,” you have to go as fast as possible to her place or the hotel; 15 minutes away from the current place. After 15 minutes of travel, everything can change, and you can lose everything. So, if a woman tells you that she lives let’s say 40 minutes away from the dating place, forget it.

Prepare your plan

Let’s come back to the dating plan. When you are going to be in touch with a woman, ask in which neighborhood she lives in. Afterwards, find all lounge bars that are the closest to her place. Try to find a place with cushioned benches and intimate areas.


Record her consent in audio or video using your phone or any other devices. This will save you from being in trouble if this woman would like to falsely accuse you of sexual assault or rape.

Sense of touch

French women are tactile. Once you feel she got rid of inhibition start to touch her. If you get a strong negative response, I suggest you give up right away. Don’t listen to neo-machos who make you believe that you can go further. If you live in Paris, you must learn to fail because this will happen often. First, touch her hand and if you succeed in touching her hand, it means you are likely to have sex with this woman.