How to seduce women in Latin America?

I received requests about this question, and I am happy to answer. because I wondered myself how to seduce South American women since a long time. Be cautious with what you can hear about Latin american women on Youtube and social medias in general. Many western men claim that Latin America is a paradise for single men. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. Plus, few western men who traveled to South-America really explain the dating game in Latin America.

Language barrier

It is important to understand and speak Spanish just enough to interact with South American women. Few people speak and understand English well in South America.

Where to seduce a Latin American woman?

Just like anywhere else, I don’t advise to seduce women in the night. Keep in mind that latin american women are much more accessible & approachable than American women in public places. Wake up early, and pick up women in the day.

Go to shopping malls, beauty centers, coffee shops & fitness clubs.

I think that shopping malls are a very good place to approach the cutest South-American women wherever you go in South America. I advise you to use my “business card” technique.

How to get dressed?

South-American women trust men who get dressed in classy clothes. ┬áDon’t get overdressed but stay classy.

The family issue

South-American women are very family oriented. It implies advantages and downsides. If you go to a coffee shop in a mall and if you see a South-American woman with her mother, don’t be scared to talk to them. In some cases, the mother could answer you on behalf of her daughter in front of her. Her presence will be accepted by her daughter. Some South-American mothers are possessive. They may try preventing you from talking to their daughters.

You might encounter a similar problem if this woman often spends time with her brother or male cousins. In such cases, there isn’t much you can do as their brothers and cousins tend to be overly protective of the women in their family.

It’s important to be cautious of the “family invitation” trap in Latin America. While people are generally very welcoming, they can also be overly so. You may find yourself invited to eat an excessive amount of food, with your hosts considering it a dishonor if you don’t finish your meal. Each family member may want to ask you numerous questions, and you may feel like you’re being evaluated for a potential future marriage with their daughter. When you marry a South American woman, you may also be marrying into her entire family. Therefore, it’s best to avoid accepting a family invitation too early on.

I hate this aspect of the Latin culture. I advise staying away from families. Follow my “isolation” rule. You should get rid of any middleman between yourself and your date.┬áDon’t try to sympathize with a family member. You don’t want to date her mother or her brother. Otherwise, you may waste a huge amount of time interacting with other people without being successful with any women.

How to address a Latin American woman?

It will not hurt to learn some Spanish. Don’t forget that compliments in her native language are much more powerful than compliments in English.