What to say to a woman during dating?

According to my observation, if you want to seduce women, the same conversation techniques work all over the world.

Your voice:

Having a deep voice and speaking slowly and distinctly are often associated with masculinity by women. I have always been surprised to hear women commenting on a man’s deep voice. A sharp voice can indeed be a problem.

Avoid discussing topics that require taking a stand :

You should avoid certain topics if you want to seduce a woman. Specifically, refrain from discussing politics and religious issues where you might need to take a stand. For example, avoid supporting animal research by claiming it is necessary for the benefit of humankind. And always remember, in seduction mode, the means justify the end.

Use stereotypical positive opinions :

I am French; I know that many American women dream about the city of Paris. Numerous times, after telling that I came from Paris, I used to tell that Paris was not as glamorous as in the TV show “Emily from paris.” With hindsight, I understood my reality check attempts were useless & meaningless. Selling a dreamy image of Paris proved to be much more beneficial and easier. Talking about crime, rats, unsatisfying nightlife was useless in that particular interactions. it didn’t serve me at all.

Be straight forward:

Disregard those who say you must be romantic and cautious. To succeed, do the contrary. Be direct, as clarity is key to being understood. Indeed, if a woman is willing to date, she should be aware of your intentions. The most effective approach is to communicate your desires clearly. Certainly, there are numerous approaches to do so.


Compliments are often effective, yet they constitute just a fraction of the art of seduction and dating. A compliment tends to be a conversation ender, leaving many women at a loss for a response. Therefore, it’s crucial to follow up a compliment with a call to action.

A goal for every conversation:

If you want to pick up a woman, your conversation should end with a call to action. The more you are precise and the better it is. Example:

  • “I want to have a drink with you in 2 hours at the local bar …
  • “Would you like to have a dinner with me, tomorrow at Luigi’s, 7 pm?”
  • “let’s go to your place and chill out”

After observing many women, I have discovered that it was men’ role to give directions. Otherwise, a downtime could lead to failure and uncertainty. You need to reach the point where you should not be afraid of her saying “NO.”