Canada, one of the hardest place to find women to date.

It might seem odd, but even after traveling to 15 countries, I find Canada a tough place to meet people. The vast distances make socializing a challenge, and the harsh weather means less outdoor social activity. Success in social circles often requires being part of a community, as many social interactions occur in private settings.

Additionally, it seems that in Canada, attractive women tend to socialize less publicly. It’s been a decade since I last visited, but I suspect Toronto hasn’t changed much in this regard.

In my experience, Toronto and Montreal offered fewer social opportunities. The workplace felt impersonal, and the nightlife lacked venues with a vibrant dating scene. In comparison, I believe the USA offers better prospects for dating.

Toronto, not a place to meet women:

American men often idealize Canadian women, perceiving them as kinder than American women. However, based on my experience, I found it challenging to engage and connect with Canadian women in Toronto, as they seemed quite distant towards me. If we compare, Copenhague, Stockholm women appeared to be much warmer than Canadian women of Toronto.

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Montreal, not a pickup place:

There is a common belief among both Canadians and American men that Montreal is an ideal place for dating women. However, my personal experience contradicts this notion, as I found limited opportunities in local bars and nightclubs. While women in Montreal may appear friendly, it doesn’t necessarily translate to ease in developing intimate relationships. Ultimately, I discovered that women’s behavior in Montreal mirrored that of Toronto. Despite the romanticized perception fueled by French culture, Montreal’s dating scene reveals itself to be similar to that of Toronto, with individuals often preferring to date within their own communities.

For those residing in Toronto or Montreal, one viable option to consider is the international airport. It’s worth noting that Russia shares a similar climate with Canada, yet many find dating prospects in Russia more compelling than in Canada.

Having lived in Canada before traveling extensively, I personally find the dating scene in Canada less favorable compared to Eastern and Central European countries, Portugal, Germany, and Austria.