Why Men should stop putting women on a pedestal

Here are some male behaviors that should stop:

  • Endangering your life for a woman: It’s foolish to put yourself in physical danger for a woman. I recall a story of a man who heard an argument between a man and a woman and tried to intervene. He ended up surrounded by several men and was stabbed multiple times, landing him in the hospital.
  • Running after a woman: It’s pointless to expend energy and time on one woman. You need to reprogram yourself and stop thinking that a particular woman is the most important thing in your life. Think about your health, your financial situation, your family, your friends.
  • Fighting for a woman: It’s useless to fight for a woman. The majority of murder victims are men. Have you ever heard of a woman being killed on the street by a complete stranger? No, it rarely happens. In fact, in many societies, women are overprotected. They are protected by social welfare, legal framework, cognitive bias. (women are often seen as victims in Mainstream media.)
  • Spending excessive amounts of money on a woman: Men should not spend too much money on women. In the context of gender equality, it is expected that women would spend as much money as men in a relationship.