My Ebook “how toxic women manipulate men”

In this ebook, I have compiled the techniques of female manipulators aimed at manipulating men that I have observed in both my private life and at work. You can find the table of contents below.


Table of contents
A virtual world of lies
Compliments to manipulate you
Telling you what you want to hear
The sexual manipulation of men
Lies about income
False victims of male strangers
False victims at work
False victims of an ex
False victims of foreign men
False invalids
What to do in front of victimization
The excuse of biological fragility
Fragility to manipulate macho men
Playing the fool
Male bashing
What to do in front of male bashing?
The ghost man
Personal criticism
They Evaluate your limits
Test yourself - the male bashers test
Psychological manipulation
Neo-traditionalist women
The Russian example
The manipulated macho man
Emotional blackmail
Pretending to be useful
The mind control scam
The power of persuasion
Test yourself - Female manipulators test
Cougar techniques
A relationship with a female manipulator
Use of children to manipulate a man
Advice to protect you from manipulators
A word for fathers
Which women to trust?
Female manipulation in the future
Less tech fools
Manipulation by sex
The return of traditional women
Russian seduction school, future of manipulation
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