Spy cameras to protect you from false rape & sex assault accusations

Today, false accusations of rape or sexual abuse against men are becoming increasingly common. Whether you want to protect yourself from your girlfriend, your wife, or a date, it’s always a good idea to have evidence of what happened. Even if there are legal downsides to recording people in your country, being accused of being a rapist or a sexual predator is a far worse outcome. Unfortunately, once the story reaches the newspaper, people tend to judge you before the justice court has even dismissed the case.

Fortunately, technology can help you prevent false accusations. Spy cams can be helpful for any man in any situation, whether it’s at the office, at a friend’s place, on vacation, or in a foreign country. Spy cams are now affordable, so I suggest buying several of them. However, it’s important not only to record your interactions with women but also to store the recordings in a safe place.