Men, a relationship without a marriage will not protect your money

I have noticed that many men in my country (France) decide to commit to a woman without marrying her. However, after some years, a significant number of them decide to break up. Let’s investigate.


If a man chooses to commit to a woman without marriage and they have children together, he may still be legally obligated to provide child support in the event of a breakup. This financial responsibility typically continues until the children reach adulthood or achieve financial independence.

Mortgage loan:

The house is the most expensive purchase for most households. Some girlfriends pressure their boyfriends to take out long mortgage loans that could consume a significant portion of the monthly household income. We have observed that some women condition the relationship on the purchase of a property. No property equals no relationship.


Some girlfriends insist on vacationing at expensive, remote destinations such as island resorts. They may also expect their boyfriend to purchase an expensive car.