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Review of the online dating website

Back in 2008, when was launched, it was the only good website with attractive women. This aspect changed when the team decided to switch from a free website to a paid website. Now, the website is dead. There are very few new members and many less active members. Furthermore, women who come to the website are not as beautiful as before.

Since 2012, we saw all possible photoshop tricks and photo positioning to beautify faces and bodies. Here is how it works. A girl chooses a photo of herself where she looks more beautiful than she is.

The team implemented a profile verification process, where the user has to take a picture of face close to a paper mentioning his/her nickname, and the actual date but very few women followed the verification process.

Thus, there are still fake profiles that use pictures from supermodels and other people. For instance, we know that some gay men are turned on by creating female profiles and chat with hetero men.

Also, spams are sent from fake profiles. I must admit the beautiful people support team was efficient in deleting fake profiles regularly.

If you open an account in and if a woman contacts you, it can be transgender or a fake profile. Anyways, whatever the online social media, you have to contact many women and many women will not respond.

In fact, is just a rip-off. Men are lured by pictures of beautiful women and the goal is to make them subscribe to get their money.

Back in 2012, I witnessed that many women closed their accounts.


UPDATE: JUNE 2012 I still have a free account at which I visit from time to time. I received several email notifications in my inbox from so called women who visited my profile. They all came from transgenders or fake profiles. Interestingly enough, those transgenders come from different countries. I received one email notification from a Brazilian transgender and another one from an Italian transgender.

It echoes a situation that I faced five years ago on when I discovered I was chatting with a transgender. It also confirms the over-representation of transgenders on the internet. In their profile, they mention they are female to trick men.  I also receive emails from fake profiles that are deleted when I reach their profile on On the other hand, normal women never send messages.


The website is a trap for straight men with money. They see beautiful women, they subscribe to the website, they believe they are getting in a VIP room full of beautiful women, but in fact, they get nothing. Men pay to meet transgenders, fake profiles, and asocial women!