My opinion about Roosh V. It is bad!

Roosh V welcoming police officer after death threats.

His life in Ukraine:

In Europe, my home, Ukraine has one of the lowest numbers of English speakers. Therefore, attempting to meet women as an English speaker without knowledge of Ukrainian or Russian is ill-advised. Roosh V resided in Ukraine without learning the local languages. It’s unrealistic to expect to connect with local women in Ukraine without communicating in Russian or Ukrainian. His YouTube channel videos demonstrate his lack of Ukrainian language skills and the existing language barrier.

Frustration about porn

Just like Gavin McIness, Roosh V wants you to stop masturbating. He thinks that porn is a problem. It is a crazy opinion really. What you do in your bedroom is your business and no one should tell you whether it is good or bad. No one is legitimate in telling you what your sexuality should be. Masturbation a man’s right.

Roosh V is like radical people who want to impose their lifestyle on others.

The RooshV forum is such a bad source of information

The Roosh V forum dedicated to dating advice is packed with bad pieces of advice. The threads are a pile of rubbish and there is nothing good about it. The worst of the rooshV forum lies in the data sheet of countries.

For instance, I have tested the Copenhagen, Denmark datasheet. I went to the Bang & Jensen bar that was mentioned on the Roosh V forum, the so-called favorite coffee shop of Roosh V in Copenhagen. I have found myself in a dusty neighbourhood of alcoholics and junkies. I haven’t seen a single beautiful Danish lady on the horizon while I was there.

In the book related to Denmark, it was said that Danish women were feminists and self-centered. After staying 4 days in Copenhagen, two women came to me and started a conversation with me even if I was a total foreigner. This would never have happened in Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam or London.

I’ve observed that forum users often echo the sentiments of Roosh V’s book without contributing new information. It appears that numerous Roosh V forum members may have misrepresented their achievements and the European countries they claim to have visited.

Bad source of information:

I bought his ebooks about Denmark, Norway and Sweden. I went to Sweden, Norway and Denmark. He said that Norwegian women were the most interesting Scandinavian women. I went there, I have noticed that Norwegian women were the most difficult to get. Norway was also the most expensive country of Scandinavia. Women were hypergamic and had high expectations just like in west Europe while Swedish & Danish women were accessible and willing to get intimate with me.

Prostitutes aren’t mentioned

When Roosh V. lived in Ukraine (I guess he is back now) and when he wrote his books, he never mentioned the presence of prostitutes. Between 2000 and 2012, a significant number of prostitutes used to stroll through the streets of city centres Riga, Tallinn, Timisoara. They moved to nightclubs around 2010. Still today, prostitutes approach men in nightclubs of Eastern Europe. However, Roosh V. never tackles the problem of prostitution in his books.

If one were to venture out at night in numerous Eastern European cities as Roosh V claims, encountering a prostitute is likely inevitable, resulting in a narrative worth sharing. His reports raise doubts regarding the authenticity of his travels.

Scammers aren’t mentioned

Many scams target Western foreigners in Ukraine. Strangely enough, Roosh V. never talked about Ukrainian scams. Ukraine is the country along with Romania where you’ll find the highest number of scammers in Europe.¬†

Wrong assumptions

In one of his articles, he claimed that Asian women had no curves and were flat chested.

All natural Hitomi Tanaka from Japan

Useless politics

It seems that Roosh V discusses sociology and politics perhaps to mask his limited understanding of women. He disseminates numerous assumptions that prove to be irrelevant to dating and relationships with women. His eBooks have been found to be entirely unhelpful, and it raises the question of whether he actually visited all the countries he claimed to have. Moreover, there are doubts about his success with Eastern European women. Indeed, within the macho culture of pickup artists, where there is a constant competition among men, those who do not engage in sexual activities are deemed losers, leading pickup artists to fabricate tales of numerous sexual conquests.

East vs. West

You know, it’s not quite fair to assume that Eastern European women are automatically superior to those from Western Europe. Personally, I’d prefer dating a Swedish woman over an Estonian one if I’m looking for a connection. And guess what? Sweden falls under Western Europe! So, those stereotypes about Eastern and Western Europe don’t really hold up. There’s no clear-cut “Soviet block” versus “spoiled Europe” scenario. Every country in Europe has its own unique charm and character.