Don’t lower yourself before seducing a woman

bad faceI’d like to say that many men give up before start by finding an excuse for not talking to a woman. Those men use to lower themselves because they receive very little attention from women. Whatever you look like, whoever you are, never wait for compliments from a lady. I must admit it is difficult to find enough motivation to talk to a woman when you don’t have any compliments from her. Women are less vocal on compliments than men. Since men receive few compliments from women in general, they are sensitive to each critic they receive.

This lack of attention results in self-questioning:

“I’m too ugly. I’m too young; I’m too old, I’m nor rich enough, I’m not strong. I am too small. I am too slim; I don’t have any talents…”

However, this self-questioning only happens in your mind. You have no idea on what is necessary to make yourself what a woman expects from you. Anyway, do your best so that you will never have regrets. In this context, Being slapped or getting a big “no” is a good thing because it means you did the best you could to get a girl. When there is no danger for your career, for your personal life, for your money, for your health, be risk-taker whatever she says.

Consider all types of women can be yours.