Should a man marry an unemployed woman?

If a man decides to marry a woman who does not have a job, he is taking on the responsibility of financially supporting her. During the course of their marriage, the man will likely accumulate wealth and assets. However, if the couple should divorce, the woman may be entitled to receive half of the assets acquired during the marriage, potentially leaving the man with significantly less wealth than he had prior to the divorce.

Is It Realistic to Financially Support Your Wife All Your Life?

We have a longer lifespan than previous generations, which is an important factor to consider. For instance, let’s say a man marries an unemployed woman at 30 years old and lives until he’s 80. This means that he would have to financially support his wife for 50 years, which is half a century! Essentially, this man would be responsible for providing for his wife for five decades.

While many people discuss the expenses associated with raising a child, the cost of supporting an unemployed spouse is often overlooked.

duration of child support => around 20 years. Duration of housewife support => 50 years!

If a man chooses to be with an unemployed woman, it’s important to consider what could happen if he becomes chronically ill. For instance, imagine a man who has been married to an unemployed woman for 20 years. Suddenly, he becomes ill or disabled and can no longer work. In this scenario, his wife would need to enter the workforce to support them both. However, with no work experience, an empty resume, and likely no skills, finding employment could be very challenging for her.

Retirement & issue related to unemployed wife

Even if a couple is not married, if they stay together, there will be a major issue after retirement.

I have two examples proving that you should not marry an unemployed woman.

  • One of my neighbors had Alzheimer disease at 69 year old. Her wife never worked. He had a modest income, and his retirement pension was really low. They had to rely on one pension to survive. They ended in a dilapidated house. There was only one room that served as a bedroom, kitchen and living room. They heavily relied on social welfare.
  • I knew a Dutch couple who decided to move to Brazil and started a farming business there. However, they didn’t earn a lot of money. They had 2 children. In the 90’s they came back to Europe. The man got a job but the wife stayed at home even if the wife had an engineering degree while living in one of the most booming economies of Europe at that time. She could have gone back to work at 40 years old but she didn’t. She could have worked for 30 years after coming back to Europe. She could have made contributions to the household budget and the retirement plan for 30 years. Afterward, they would have received two pension payments following their retirement.
    Since the husband has a very small pension, They purchased a dilapidated building for $30,000. During the winter months, they rely on a wood-burning stove for heat, which can only warm up two rooms. Their home is not connected to the electrical grid.


The classic wedding agreement is only worth if you marry a woman who earns as much as you.  In case of a divorce, you get back the part of the wealth that you accumulated during the common life. If you earn more than your wife under a classic wedding agreement, it means that you accumulate wealth for your wife. Never forget that in the end, if a divorce occurs, you will give up half of your wealth. 

When an unemployed woman marries a hardworking man, it’s as though she has hit the jackpot.

So many benefits to date a financially independent woman!

When you date a woman who is really financially independent, you have less pressure on your shoulders because she already earns money, she knows the value of money and does not expect you to be sponsored.

The financial situation of a woman is the result of a decision she made early.

Unfortunately, I know situations where a man shared his life with a woman and then, stopped working for good for no medical reasons or family reasons.