Are there lots of beautiful Latin-American women in Spain?

I lived in Madrid, and I saw fewer beautiful South American women than I expected. After some time, I realized that all the most beautiful South American women I met in Western Europe had been brought to Europe by a European man. In other words, these women did not come to Europe alone. In Spanish universities, the number of South American women is limited.

If you want to see beautiful South American women, you need to go to a South American country such as Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, or Uruguay.

It is pointless to come to Spain to meet a South American woman. The most interesting women are already married or in a relationship. For example, some of my Spanish coworkers in Spain met their wives or girlfriend while working in a project in costa Rica.

I remember a Spanish friend from madrid who said to me, when we see a Latin American woman in a supermarket of Madrid, we use to say that she is an import.