The 10 worst cities to pick up women

  1. Toronto
  2. Brussels
  3. Dublin
  4. New York City
  5. Shanghai
  6. Paris
  7. London
  8. Barcelona
  9. Milano
  10. Amsterdam
  1. Toronto: The entertainment district is very small for the city size. The girl scene is non-existent. It is very difficult to find pick up places in Toronto. I remember I have seen a nightclub owner paying fake female customers to attract male customers to his nightclub. Many young men from Toronto go to Montreal on the weekend to have fun.
  2. Brussels: The massive male immigration has created a strong demographic, male imbalance in the city center of Brussels. The posh suburb Ixelles is better, but we didn’t see any real pick-up places. In Brussels, in a posh bar of Ixelles, I have met a man with an interesting story. He told me he had to have a woman with him to get inside a pub of the Brussels city center. Once he got in the bar, the woman who came with him, left because she only went in to help him to enter the bar. This Portuguese man didn’t know anybody in Belgium and was desperate to meet someone.
  3. Dublin: Dublin is one of the worst European capitals to pick up a woman. Female Dubliners have high expectations. It is also difficult to find a beautiful Irish woman in Dublin. When I was in Dublin, the most beautiful women I have seen were Spanish women who visited temple bar.
  4. New York City: This city of promises is overrated by the mainstream media. They created a legend out of it. However, You can witness an excess of men everywhere in the night. Many female new yorker egos are as high as the Trump Tower. They have very high expectations towards men.
  5. Shanghai: The home of gold diggers in Asia. I think about Asian women who want to take advantage of men & their money. I think the most materialistic women of China can be found in Shanghai. There is a huge propaganda in the US to make people believe that Chinese women are more materialistic than American women. In fact, a female Chinese American will always be more materialistic than a real Chinese woman because a Chinese American is an American woman first.
  6. Paris: There is a huge gap between French women that can be seen on Instagram and Parisian women in real life. The French anti male culture is so strong so that many French women are reluctant to interact with male strangers.
  7. London: When you go out at night in London and visit nightclubs, you might notice that there are more men than women, making it one of the places in the world with the highest ratio of men to women.
  8. Barcelona or AKA the American tourist trap. People from Anglo-Saxon countries don’t know that Barcelona is the capital of feminism in Spain. However, Spain is a big country, and there are many other spots that are much more interesting.
  9. Roma: It is a very overrated city. If you visit the Roma city center, you will be disappointed by the low number of attractive Italian women.
  10. Amsterdam: Many people have the misconception that Amsterdam is full of laid-back, tall, blonde women. However, this is not the case. In reality, Amsterdam is packed with men who are interested in beer, weed, and sex workers. There are very few pick-up spots, and the ones that do exist are often so crowded that it’s difficult to approach and speak to anyone. Only young people, typically under 22 years old, frequent nightclubs.


If you want to date women, don’t trust mainstream media. Don’t go to tourist traps.


My criteria were the following:

  • Beauty of local women
  • Accessibility of women
  • Respect for men
  • Willingness to interact with a man